“There is No More Energy in Matter Other Than That Received From the Environment”

Nikola Tesla

According to a report by IPCC panel in 2019, 75% of electricity must come from renewable energy by 2030 in order for the world to keep the  2 degrees Celsius temperature goal set forth in Paris Agreement.

Solar market in Hong Kong has around 1000MW potential capacity according to a study. With Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) scheme incepted in 2018, there are attracive incentives for both residential and commercial users to earn good benefits by promoting solar energy. Particularly, residential users have tax-free and easier building code who become the most advantageous group of parties benefiting from the policy.

SCSolar is a group of solar experts with an aim to build a platform for ordinary people who wants to know more about solar, and for solar EPCs who wants to connect with their customers.

If you are look at installing a solar system, we can provide

  1. List of Solar EPCs
  2. Engineering review
  3. Project management

If you are a solar EPC, we can provide

  1. Inverter and solar panel catalogue
  2. Investor contacts
  3. Market updates

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